2019 SPRING & SUMMER COLLECTION, the fifth season from FUMIKODA, which develops work bags that combine a light functionality with design sensibility, presents elegant, made in Japan bags, ranging from the long-awaited miniature business bag, the ARIANNA II, to jute and denim bags with a resort feel. 



The ARIANNA, FUMIKODA's signature bag, is a women's work bag, made with careful attention paid to functionality and design sensibility. It boasts a large, useful volume that belies its elegant appearance.

In response to demand from our customers for a smaller bag to match the trend for smaller laptop computers, we are now debuting the long-awaited ARIANNA II. Despite its compact appearance, it fits an 11 inch laptop computer or A4 documents.

[Body Color] Ice White / Ivory Python / Midnight Black

ARIANNAII: $980.00 USD /ARIANNA: $1,200.00 USD


Blonde Jute

The 2019 SPRING & SUMMER Collection also sees the release of two new materials. HANNA, the replaceable flap for the ARIANNA shoulder bag, and the body of our classic GINA II and GINA baby tote bags are now available with jute.

The jute material used by FUMIKODA, called "blonde jute," is made using a lustrous white made in Kyoto, which matches beautifully with gold. The waste products from the jute fiber manufacturing process, including the waste water, are returned to the earth without polluting the natural environment.

The material does not emit pollutants when incinerated, and is completely broken down by bacteria in landfill. The material also comes from a plant that absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere at 5-6 times the rate that trees do, so FUMIKODA is promoting the material because of its positive effects in fighting global warming.

FUMIKODA has attracted fans for its elegant and functional, and yet still lovely business bags. The 2019 SPRING & SUMMER COLLECTION sees it also offer customers denim products to enjoy a more casual vibe. FUMIKODA provides a stylish look for the workplace, as well as for casual settings.

MALLA: $600.00 USD/ARIANNA: $1,200.00 USD/GINAII: $690.00 USD/GINA baby: $480.00 USD



FUMIKODA's "Smart Denim" material is combined with Japanese made polyester, making it more water-resistant, stain and dirt repellant, and more light-weight than cotton.

The HANNA replaceable flap for the ARIANNA shoulder bag, as well as the class GINA baby tote bag body now come with a denim style side.

ARIANNA: $1,200.00 USD/GINA baby: $480.00 USD