BIANCA | Lady’s Boston Bag with Carry-on Functionality

The brand new “BIANCA” is FUMIKODA’s first shoulder-type lady’s Boston bag. The BIANCA boasts a rounded form, and is decorated with a traditionally crafted, high-quality bar design. Light and with excellent storage, in addition to carry-on functionality, this bag is perfect for not only taking to work and on business trips, but also on trips where you require a large amount of luggage.

Color: BE_GD (Beigebrown Goldpython) / WH_IVSN (Icewhite Ivorypython) / BK_CGY(Black&CharcoalGray)  
Material:Original high tech material (Polyurethane, Polyester, Nylon)
Size:W16.5" x D6.7" x H18.9" (Body11.4"、Handle29.5")
Special Features
The tortoise-shell like bar, with the FUMIKODA logo engraved on it, is made with cotton cellulose. This bar is handmade by craftsmen in Sabae, Fukui Prefecture, and shaped and polished according to their internationally renowned technique. Each part has a distinct expression, and as it is further and further polished by contact with human hands, it takes on a wet-glazed, and transparent luster.


With space for a 13-inch laptop computer or A4-sized documents, as well as large fastener openings, it is quick and easy to put things in and take them out. The BIANCA has inner and outer pockets on both sides, coupled with a deep, undivided base, granting it exceptional storage capacity.
 FUMIKODA’s animal-free leather (high-quality artificial leather) has superior water-resistibility to ordinary leather, meaning that when the bag does become wet, it can simply and easily be wiped away with a towel.