Popular fur bags are also animal free.

New in Japan made bags using the latest technology of Japan and traditional crafts.


FUMIKODA is a popular brand with "Animal Free & Plastic Free" material that does not use any animal leather at all, and high functionality thought out for business executives.

The new work is a "Smart-Fur series" with warm and comfortable fur materials, "Delica-Beads series" suitable for winter dress-up scenes



This bag collection has a beautiful gloss, a good coat feel, a smart fur that is hard to fall out and excellent in durability.Animal-free fur material used by FUMIKODA is a core bridal fur of Okada woven fabrics that Japan is proudly used also in overseas famous brands.




"MIYUKI" is a bead manufacturer in made in japan boasting tremendous popularity from celebrity brands around the world, craftsmen and enthusiasts. Delicate and precise quality tells MIYUKI's unique high level of technical capabilities.

FUMIKODA's Delica-Beads series uses a higher quality "Delica Beads Precision Cut" cut in a different way than traditional beads. The holes of the beads are large, uniform in shape, regularly arranged, and delivers a beautiful sparkle.