LINDA: Tassel Charm (BE)
LINDA: Tassel Charm (BE)

LINDA: Tassel Charm (BE)

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BODY: 367 BE
original materials.
This charm can be attached to any bag from the FUMIKODA line.

This item is made from a non-animal leather, and crafted using a combination of Japanese technology and traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

FUMIKODA makes no compromises on quality and proposes a lifestyle that gives full consideration to animal and environmental protection.
FUMIKODA (Polyurethane, Polyester, Nylon)
*Original high tech material
W1.0" x D1.0" x H8.0"
W3cm x D3cm x H20cm
BODY: 367 BE

This item is a reserved item. We are planning a production period of about 3 months.
After ordering, we will contact you as soon as the arrival date is decided.

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