FUMIKODA products are completely free of animal-derived materials and designed and manufactured entirely in Japan.
Employing both the latest technologies and traditional techniques passed down over more than a thousand years,
great attention is paid to functionality,durability, and elegant design.

To assure no animals were harmed in the process of creating these products, a new premium material was selected.
Its elegant and gorgeous texture are strengthened by its durability and light weight.


FUMIKODA bags are made from a unique material developed and manufactured using Japan’s exceptional technical capabilities. It combines an elegant, luxurious feel with excellent durability and is also used in the interior lining of many luxury automobiles. In addition to its soft feel and beautiful coloring, the material used in FUMIKODA bags is extremely durable and has been tested under hot and humid conditions. As such, FUMIKODA bags can not only be used for a considerable length of time, but they can also be used worry-free, regardless of inclement weather.

In addition to being durable and reliable, FUMIKODA bags are light as a feather. FUMIKODA’s Arianna shoulder bag weighs a mere 800g(28oz). This is approximately two-thirds the weight of a leather bag of the same size and light enough for a woman to hold it up with one finger.

Each and every FUMIKODA bag is finished individually by the hands of skilled craftsman belonging to a prestigious bag manufacturing facility. The craftsmen employ techniques steeped in tradition and passed down over more than a thousand years to create a work of art that exudes beauty and attention to detail.

100% Cruelty-Free


For centuries, various traditional crafts and artisans' techniques have been passed down in Japan that the country can be proud of on the world stage. Unfortunately, due to shrinking markets, the lack of successors, and other factors, these traditions are now in danger of disappearing.

With Japan's high traditional skills and aesthetic sense as our foundation, FUMIKODA engages in making items fit for a new era, and would like to offer these to the world for a fine quality, luxurious lifestyle.

Take celluloid, for example. Cellulose (cotton) was developed as a substitute for ivory and tortoiseshell, but it was supplanted by petroleum resins, and is now a scarce material. We use celluloid made in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, the city which has the most powerful high technology in the world.

Another example are the coppersmiths of Takaoka Doki from Toyama Prefecture. They have cultivated their craft for 400 years, but there has been a decrease in demand for Buddhist ritual implements, as well as a shortage of craftspeople to carry on the tradition. The evolution of Takaoka Doki's coloring skills to match modern times created momentum factory Orii's brass, which we are also proud to use.

FUMIKODA would like to share Japan's traditional crafts and sense of aesthetics with the world.

Well planned balance and ease of use


The Arianna is designed to stand without support when placed on the floor or a desk. Even when holding a laptop, the bag does not lose its shape or topple over. The six studs on the base of the bag hold the bag securely in an upright position.

Being a self-standing bag, it requires no additional attention and leaves women free to focus on concentrating on presentations and meetings with clients.

The bag features an external pocket for well-used smartphones making it quick and easy to pull them out without the need to open up the bag each and every time.
The interior is also equipped with a variety of storage pockets for such things as smartphones, business cards, other cards, and pens. The case part for storing computers or tablets is also designed to offer protection through the use of cushioning.
Furthermore, as the bag opens up widely, computers and documents can be taken out and packed away smoothly at the beginning and end of each meeting.

No compromise on style


A 13 inch MacBook fits perfectly in the Arianna, but its exterior is designed ingeniously to give a compact look concealing the computer’s presence. The bag’s interior is lined with a deep purple suede-like fabric that creates a luxurious, elegant, feminine feel when the bag is opened. When attending a party or dinner, smartphones and cosmetics can be placed in the matching clutch bag Ikula allowing for the Arianna to be stored out of the way in the cloakroom. An eye-catching look just right for a post-work dinner can also be created by attaching the accompanying tassel to the Ikula.

Covers can be fitted to the Arianna’s body and removed with ease. By collecting differently colored covers, the bag can be transformed to match a particular outfit or occasion without having to move all of the contents to another bag entirely.

With no cover fitted, it can also be used as a tote bag for a more casual look.

Well planned balance and ease of use

About us

After graduating from Parsons The New School for Design and working as a web designer for a New York fashion marketing company,
I launched the web marketing firm “booplan inc.” in Tokyo and offered consulting and production services in both branding and marketing.

During that time I had to carry my laptop and documents around in a bag with me each and every day.
I searched for the perfect bag, but could not find one suitable for my specific needs.

Despite living in an era that has developed advanced manufacturing technology and where you can 3D print an object from anywhere in the world,
I feel that today’s bags experience problems with weight, functionality, and poor ease of use.
The fact that pollution from the chemicals used in the leather tanning process are constantly causing damage and having such a negative impact on child health,
especially in areas in emerging countries with a prosperous leather industry, also became an incentive for my research into new materials.

I also founded “BLUE FOR TOHOKU”, which is an NPO for aiding reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake,
where we specifically aid orphanages in the disaster area. Through this work, my awareness of environmental and animal protection was further increased,
and although I searched for a bag that did not use animal hide, I was unable to find one that was still functional or elegant.

When I shared my thoughts many people had the same feelings as I did and lent me their cooperation,
which eventually led to me launching FUMIKODA as a new choice for women who demand both functional and elegant bags that are environmentally friendly. Fumi Koda
Founder of FUMIKODA


Fumi Koda may be a new name in the world of fashion, but she is no stranger to it.
After graduating from Parsons School of design in New York,
she took her passion in the direction of web design and worked as the Art Director for a digital marketing firm in the city that designed websites for large named brands.

After a few years of working in New York, Fumi decided to return to Tokyo and found her own company, Booplan inc, a web marketing firm.
There she used her experience to offer clients unique corporate branding, website design, system architecture, web design and consulting.

Within the IT world Fumi continued to excel, organizing the “Nakameguro Salon” a seminar uniting people in IT and creative industries and publishing her first book,
“There is No Need for a Pocket Notebook - Information Management Technique in the Age of Social Media”.

The 2011 Tohoku Earthquake left a great mark on the people of Japan, including Fumi Koda. With a group of friends, she decided to found “BLUE FOR TOHOKU”,
a non-profit organization created to support the reconstruction of the towns and people affected by the earthquake. As one of the Board of Directors,
she carries out the duty to provide support for the orphans who were left behind after the tragedy.

In 2014 she took the position of the Deputy Chairperson of Business Challenges Committee of General Incorporated Association of Kanazawa New Business Council.
Now after writing her 2nd book, “Introduction to Social Media for the Adult User” Fumi has decided to focus her talents on supporting
her fellow business women by creating a line of bags that focuses on their needs and desires.


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