In 2011, the great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami hit Japan and devastated more than 20,000 people. In its wake it left families torn apart, and many children found themselves without a parent or guardian.

With a group of friends, Fumi Koda took action and created BLUE FOR TOHOKU, a non-profit organization formed specifically to help the children affected by the earthquake.

After the tragic and devastating event, founding members from different business backgrounds teamed up in an aim to establish a unique support system that involves people living afar from Tohoku, who are willing to help children affected by the earthquake and tsunami, without having them visit there physically.

Our organization sells original stickers with the BLUE FOR TOHOKU logo to supporters. They are mainly owners of retail shops and restaurants located all over Japan. The money earned by the sales of stickers is used to support and empower orphans at children’s homes.

The stores put these stickers on their products, and consumers, by purchasing that item, are able to send a portion of their money to orphanages in Tohoku.

We are dedicated to support children at orphanages by using our extended experience in BOP (Base of Economic Pyramid) activities and more. We empower children in need, by providing not just with money but educational items, special events, and interaction with volunteers.

If you would like more information on how you could help the children of Tohoku, please drop us a line at