FUMIKODATA vs. Synthetic Leather

The FUMIKODA bag, which presents “High Fashion, Zero Cruelty” as one of its core concepts, uses no animal leather. Instead, it uses FUMIKODATA, a cutting-edge material from Japan that surpasses the quality of real leather.

The material used in FUMIKODA achieves an elegant and gorgeous texture that is entirely a page apart from PVC and synthetic leathers. In addition, it boasts outstanding resilience that holds its own against animal leathers, which can easily withstand wear and tear for ten years or more.

Using a cutting-edge material used in the leather seats for luxury vehicles, an original finish is used to give it an extra edge for use in the original FUMIKODA brand, and each FUMIKODA bag is made one at a time by Japanese leather artisans.


FUMIKODATA vs. Synthetic Leather

FUMIKODATA, used in FUMIKODA bags, is a material that replicates the function and structure of animal leather.
A three-dimensional, fine density nonwoven material with a structure resembling that of collagen tissue is used as a base, with a polyurethane permeated synthetic resin applied to create an appearance close to that of animal leather.

By contrast, synthetic leather involves a cloth base that is coated with a polyurethane resin, (poly)vinyl chloride, or other synthetic resin to create a leather-like appearance only on the surface.
Because these products are plastic or vinyl, they are not durable and do not replicate the feel of leather. 

 A nonwoven material with a similar cellular structure to collagen tissue in natural leather is used in the lower stratum of the manmade leather.


Benefits of FUMIKODATA

FUMIKODATA, a Japanese material used in FUMIKODA bags, closely resembles natural leather.
It is also skived and the edges burnished just as with traditional leather, so the finished product is essentially identical to real leather. Further, it has better tensile strength than traditional leather. In this way, FUMIKODA is a leading material that allows for producing a wider variety of products than the limitations of traditional leather would allow for.